Coming soon to a movie screen near you-

St. Patrick Drama's first ever movie production! 


Searching for the next hit series, Mr. Jack Frost and his unenthused but efficient cameraman stop by the office of Jack’s old friend, Santa Claus.  Jack is looking for his next potential star and plans to give that lucky person, elf, or reindeer their own television show!  Jack is soon bombarded with would-be superstars:  Mrs. Claus colorfully pitches a holiday home decorating show, the wardrobe elves try to find a good fit for their Project Runway-type series, the kitchen elves bake up a great idea for a cooking show, and Santa’s reindeer are ready to take the reins for their own version of Dancing with the Stars.

Alas, nothing sparks Jack’s frosty cold attitude.  Just when it seems like he’s struck out, Jack comes up with an idea sure to warm everyone’s hearts!

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Rehearsals start Oct. 22nd! Be sure to update your student's pickup mode on PikMyKid every rehearsal day by selecting "After School Activities."

Audition videos must be submitted on Flipgrid no later than  Thursday, October 14th at 9:00 PM 

Use the above link to purchase tickets online. Online tickets are sold through Once on this page, search "Choose Your Own Oz" and you will see the St. Patrick Option. Available seats will also be sold at the door prior to each performance. All seats are $10. 


Send a text to the number 81010 with the message @whowillb.

You will then be signed up to receive updates regarding rehearsals for our show!

"Having your child participate in theatre has little to do with creating a "star." The ojective of rehearsing and presenting a musical is to provide children with opportunities to develop life skills and have fun."
~MTI's FAMILY MATTERS: A Parent's Guide to the Magic of Theatre