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Christmas is Coming

to Oz! 


Dorothy, back in Kansas with Christmas only a few days away, sees her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry losing heart during difficult times. With the global pandemic and the lock down from the virus, no one is buying their crops. However, Dorothy knows just where to go to replace a lost heart—the Land of Oz. With "a click of her heels," she's there! Turns out, there's trouble in Oz as well. With Dorothy gone, her old friends—the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Woodsman—don't know what to do about Christmas. The Wicked Northwest Witch (not the witch that was flattened by the house and not the witch that was melted by the scarecrow, but the other Wicked Witch) is stealing all the Christmas decorations from Munchkinland. But through their journey, the gang figures out the real meaning of Christmas and the problems are solved, proving that there is Christmas in Oz, Kansas, and everywhere else, even during a pandemic!

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Current Happenings

Use the above link to purchase tickets online. Online tickets are sold through Once on this page, search "Choose Your Own Oz" and you will see the St. Patrick Option. Available seats will also be sold at the door prior to each performance. All seats are $10. 

Latest News

Rehearsals start soon! Be sure to update your student's pickup mode on PikMyKid every reharsal day by selecting "After School."


Send a text to the number 81010 with the message @2hdhke.

You will then be signed up to receive updates regarding rehearsals for our show!

"Having your child participate in theatre has little to do with creating a "star." The ojective of rehearsing and presenting a musical is to provide children with opportunities to develop life skills and have fun."

~MTI's FAMILY MATTERS: A Parent's Guide to the Magic of Theatre